Laser Land Leveller (Classic)

Laser Land Leveller (Classic)

GAHIR Laser Land Leveller is equipped with many valuable features. It is used for precise leveling of the undulated or non uniform agriculture land before the sowing of crop.

The Laser Leveller comprises of two equipments which are as following :

Scraper or Bucket : It is a mechanical or hydraulic part which is very solid structure and well engineered design to level the land with minimum or no load on tractor which results in the higher efficiency. It is equipped with the special purpose Gear Box in Mast which ensures the leveling of land is more precise.

Technical Specifications :

  • Width - 7 feet
  • Thickness - 8mm/10mm
  • Mast - Gear / Power*
  • Blade - L – 84” , H – 127mm , T – 16mm
  • Tyres - 6 – 16 SL
  • Hydraulic Cylinder - Double Acting heavy duty Cylinder

Electronic System :

The T&D make Electronic system is very rugged, reliable and specifically manufactured according to the Agriculture farm conditions. It ensures the precise leveling of Agriculture Land even in high atmospheric temperature conditions.