Tractor Mounted Sprayer Pump

Tractor Mounted Sprayer Pump

Model – G 580

The well Engineered and Robust design of GAHIR Tractor Powered Sprayer make it a first choice for farmers.

Operation :
Tractor Powered Sprayer is mounted on the three point linkage of the Tractor. It runs on 540 rpm through Tractor PTO, connected with the PTO shaft. Three Piston / Plunger Pump is mounted on the face plate of the sprayer which is driven by B-section V-belts. With the output capacity of 60 L/min. the pesticides or insecticides are sprayed on the crops through Nozzle which is operated manually.

Technical Specifications :

  • Tank Capacity - 500L (Three Layer)
  • Drive - PTO Driven (adjustable as per Tractor)
  • Pump - 3 Piston/Plunger (Output Capacity of 60L/min.)
  • RPM - Driven at 540 rpm
  • Storage - Carrying Case (21” X 11” X 14”)
  • Spray Pipe - 5 Layer Pipe
  • Nozzle - Single Nozzle